Shram Mandir Hospital

Shram Mandir Hospital

  • State of the art hospital with 100 beds.
  • Expert Doctors and trained staff for treatment and care.
  • Regular OPD is run where patients from surrounding remote villages get medical support.
  • Everyday approximately 80 patients are being treated for Ulcer.
  • With the support of the State Government, the hospital runs an Urban Leprosy Control Centre.
  • Organizing health awareness & general health camps in surrounding villages.
  • Mobile Health Unit’s service to remote surrounding areas.

Basically Shram Mandir Hospital has been known for identification and treatment of skin ailments. But over the years with the changing times and needs, the hospital has added new departments also. Due to treatment of Leprosy and better access to its medicines the number of Leprosy patients has decreased. It has also been found that the disabilities and deformities due to the disease have also decreased considerably. These are very heartening positive news for us. This has been possible due to tireless efforts by Shram Mandir, the state government and other such agencies and WHO.

Shram Mandir hospital offers all facilities from identification of Leprosy Disease to skin grafting. Currently around 400 residents stay on campus for whom state of the art health facilities have been developed. These include Ulcer management, Dentistry, Ophthalmic diseases, Orthopaedic, Chest and Abdomen, Skin as well as Gynaec department. A team of expert doctors take care of these patients. Over and above these, the X ray, Laboratory and Physiotherapy departments are also fully functional.

Details of Doctors on the Organisation’s Team

Dr. Mehul Shah – General Surgeon
Dr. Nita Shah – Dermatologist
Dr. Amar Rathi – Chest Physician
Dr. Sachin Mogle – Opthalmic Surgeon

Dr. Vagmi Acharya – Dentist
Dr. Jayant Acharya – Physician
Dr. Jyotiben Chauhan – Physician
Dr. Indiraben Patel – RMO

Sh. Yatin Joshi – Lab technician
Sh. Shrutiben – Physiotherapist
Sh. Ramanbhai Maachhi – X-ray Technician

Details of OPD section of Shram Mandir Hospital during last five year 2015-19

Detail of Cases

No Details No. of cases 2015 No. of cases 2016 No. of cases 2017 No. of cases 2018 No. of cases 2019 No. of cases Total
1 Patients from colony 6294 5500 5072 4,943 4860 26669
2 Leprosy affected patients from out side 1154 1029 1015 1076 1076 5350
3 General patients 14664 15661 19190 21095 20222 90832
4 Total 22112 22190 25277 27114 26158 122851
Details of New Identified Patients of Leprosy during last five year 2015 – 2019

Detail of Cases


No. New patients during the year MB(contagious) PB(Non-contagious) Total
1 2015 24 02 26
2 2016 21 05 26
3 2017 15 02 17
4 2018 11 04 15
5 2019 22 02 24
6 Total 93 15 109

A state of the art Operation Theatre is housed in the hospital where, if and when needed, patients’ surgeries are carried out. In case of major surgeries, cases are referred to other hospitals.

A state of the art Operation Theatre is housed in the hospital where if and when needed, patient’s surgeries are carried out. Incase of major surgeries, cases are referred to other hospital

  • During the year 33,102 cases from the colony and outside were registered by the ulcer management department.
  • During the year 18 death cases were noted.
  • On 27/9/2015, the hospital organized a general health camp wherein totally 96 patients from the organisation and outside were treated.
  • On 27/12/2015, the hospital organized a general health camp at Manpur village to identify all diseases. Around 200 people took advantage of the camp.
Artificial Limb Department

In leprosy disease when proper care is not taken, the patient suffering from deep wounds which if not treated result into gangrene. Every year from various part of India several such patients get admitted to Shram Mandir Hospital In many cases they get healed, in few cases where the wounds are serious hand or leg need to be amputated. Their complete treatment is done at Shram Mandir Hospital. For such patients, after necessary surgery, artificial limb is made and the patient is trained for its use. In Vadodara, the artificial limb centre of Universal Medicap Limited situated at Dashrath village offers total support. During the year 2019-20; 15 inmates on campus as well as those patients from outside the campus who needed to have limb amputated and required artificial limb were treated of which 08 patients have been fitted with artificial leg and their training is also completed. While work is in progress for the remaining patients.

Stitch in time saves nine – Dalpatbhai Chauhan

Dalpatbhai Chauhan who belongs to Gendwa village, Navsari Taluka, Valsad District was affected by Leprosy at the age of forty years. Initially, due to lack of knowledge about the disease he did not take any medicines due to which the disease slowly worsened. Dalpatbhai’s fingers got distorted and legs became numb but he did not take medicine. When somebody shared about this disease with his daughter Bharti, the seriousness of this disease was understood and she brought him to Shram Mandir. He was hospitalized as both his legs had lesions. After clinical examination, treatment was immediately started. He was made to understand about the disease. He understood that if treatment had begun earlier his fingers could have been saved and legs would not have the lesions. Due to immediate and appropriate treatment it will be cured. The lesions have started healing. He will return home in some time, when he will be completely healed.