Case Studies

Equal Opportunities – Protection of Rights – Full Participation

Shankarbhai – A case study

Shankarbhai belongs to valsad but is an inmate at the campus from last 27 years. He is around 55 years of age. He had Cancer in his left leg which outwardly looked fine but was cancerous from within. On being diagnosed with cancer, he was given complete care by the hospital. His left leg had to be amputed from below the knee. After the treatment was over and the left leg healed, process for artificial leg began. With the help of training and Physiotherapy, he began to settle in using the artificial leg. Initially he needed to take support of crutches. As his confidence increased he began walking independently and also began working. Currently he happily works at the Shram Mandir Security cabin.

Ramnath Swami – A case study

From last three years Ramnath Swami is an inmate of Shram Mandir’s old age home. He was affected by leprosy around 30 years ago. He belongs to Shrirangam village of Tamilnadu, is well educated and worked as an inspector in British company. On being affected by Leprosy, he went to several organisations. For a while, he also worked as a Physiotherapist, but has decided to spend his last years at Shram Mandir. He doesnot go
anywhere outside the campus. He feels peaceful at Shram Mandir and likes being with the people here. Presently, Ramnath Swami is 85 years old. He is fond of reading books and likes to read the Times of India. His vision in one eye is failing. He never misses attending the morning and evening prayers. In his words, ” I whole heartedly pray to the Lord for all leprosy affected people and people who work for them.”

Kashiben Garasiya – A case study

Kashiba is 75 years old and lives at the organisation from last 15 years. Basically from Gambhira, she had lost her father in childhood and was raised by her mother who worked to make ends meet. Kashiba also worked. On suffering from the disease she got treated and the doctor gave her information about Shram Mandir Trust. She got admitted to the Old Age home here. For a while she worked in the organisation’s kitchen and later in the Hostel. Now she is not able to work. In her words, “I live here happily, walk with a stick’s support, take lord’s name and when needed take medicine, try to help others as much as can. I will live the rest of the life in this way only”. A Cheerful natured Kashiba donates her excess money to the organisation she is a favourite grandmother of the children also.