Shram Sadhana

Equal Opportunities – Protection of Rights – Full Participation

Shram Sadhana of Shram Mandir (Work is Worship)

As an important aspect of the rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation is a priority. After getting cured, the inmates are trained in skills which match their physical abilities and begin working in those projects of the organisation. In this manner they do productive activities and feel satisfied as an active member of the society. A brief overviews of the sheltered vocational projects in which the inmates are actively involved are as follows:

Taana-Vaana Handloom Textile Workshop

Cotton fabric is made in Handloom workshop. The fabric is manually made in the traditional way. The handloom textile workshop produces bed sheets, pillow cover, towels, napkins, kitchen napkins, rugs, carpets, dusters… The products are sold under the brand name of Taana-Vaana. Besides Shram Mandir, the products are also sold at Tapovan Temple, Undera for which the organisation is grateful to Tapovan Temple Trust. Whenever opportunities come, Taana-Vaana’s products are also sold through exhibitions.

MCR Sandal

This section manufactures special sandals for people affected by leprosy. Total 3967 pair of MCR sandals were manufactured during the year.


Total 62 cows are there in the cowshed. The scientific management of cowshed of Shram Mandir has been possible due to support from Grivers (bayaf), a Vadodara based institute. Information of each animal regarding complete history, insurance, health etc is recorded. Special care is taken for cleanliness of cowshed and cow’s diet. Over and above milk, which is main production of cowshed, the cow dung is collected and biogas plant is operated from it. The gas is utilized in kitchen and slurry waste is used to produce vermin compost manure. The kitchen department of institute produces Ghee from the milk. The Ghee produced in institute has very high demand, and people book their order in advance.


Shram mandir nursery grows plants along with the production of compost manure. The slurry waste from cow dung gas plant is utilized to produce compost manure. Besides manure, 145000 bamboo trees were planted and nurtured.

Agriculture Department

The ravine land in surrounding of institute is made plane and farming is done on this plane land, in which the forage farming is done in large quantities. Total 439600 kilograms of forage was produced by agriculture department during the year. Besides this, total 12000 bamboo plants were cultivated and grown and farming of lemon plants was also done. These lemon plants are now grown. Since nuisance of neel gay (blue bull), wild hogs and monkeys, farming always has been very difficult. Despite of this, inmates carry out farming of fenugreek, radish, okra and spinach. Residents take care of farmed land 24 hours in different shifts to protect farms from wild animals.

Charakha (Spinning wheel) Department

Physically weak inmates operate charakha in their residence and thus they are performing their worship through work. This department of SMT has been running smoothly in collaboration with Madhi sarvoday Ashram, Vijapur.