Mobile Health Unit

Mobile Health Unit

Shram Mandir launched Mobile Health Unit Project in May 2018 to provide healthcare services to the interior rural areas. The project covers twelve villages like Hathipura, Asharma, Aamrol, Rampur, Ganpatpura, Navkhal, Chamar, Nani Sankhyad, Umeta, Manpura, Kahanwadi and Khadolgam which are located within ten kilometres of the organisation. From Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm the medical team goes for treatment and counselling of patients. The patient can access treatment, guidance and medicines for seven days. In case the patient is poor, free treatment is also provided. People who are elderly and have problems in walking are found to take more benefit.

The benefit of this project is mainly for those areas where access to government or private clinics is difficult. Therefore, many people are taking advantage of regular service. Since the Mobile Health service is regular and effective patients reach the venue well before time. From May 2018 to March 2019, total beneficiaries of MHU project were 11,695. During the year MHU conducted six eyes camps. Umeta Primary school was given free dressing materials while in Rampura Primary school medicines were distributed for Cold and cough and thread worms.

Beneficiary of Urban Leprosy Control Program by Shram Mandir

Fakeera Pathan – A case study

Fakeerabhai Kasambhai Pathan aged 45 years stays at Ektanagar, Laxminagar Vadodara. Before three years symptoms of Leprosy were found on his body. On contacting the field worker of his area, he was referred to the doctor as a suspected case and it was found that he was Leprosy affected. With consistently remaining in contact with the field worker, taking medicines as per their guidance, he could be cure of Leprosy.
He has a wife and four children. Though he worked very hard by renting a pedal rickshaw, after paying the rent and repairing charges, he could not save money. The organisation annually helps and supports needy persons. On his request, Fakeerabhai was given a pedal rickshaw. He works in Sardar estate the whole day taking goods from one place to the other and earns. Since he now owns his pedal rickshaw he doesn’t need to pay rent. He feels very happy and satisfied to be able to earn enough to support his family by earning. He feels very grateful to the organisation for having provided him with this major help.