Vision, mission and Objectives – Activities

Our Established

  1. Established : 1978
  2. Established by : Late Shri Indubhai Chhotabhai Patel (Sayaji Iron)

Vision & MIssion

VisionA Leprosy free society and a healthy and happy life for person affected by

Mission: Identification, Treatment and Rehabilitation of person affected by Leprosy

Our Objectives

  1. Survey, Identification, Treatment and Rehabilitation of person affected by Leprosy
  2. To dispel myths and develop awareness regarding Leprosy.
  3. Holistic development of children of person affected by Leprosy

Major projects

  1. Healthcare- Shram Mandir hospital, U.L.C.P. Uunit and Mobile Health Unit
  2. Rehabilitation- Shram Mandir Colony
  3. Children Education Project

Our Activities

Identification and Treatment


Urban Leprosy Control Unit

Medication & Counselling Independent accommodation Constant Survey, Education and Training
Surgery Social Rehabilitation Medical Support
Physiotherapy Celebration & Outings Equipment Support and Follow Up
Essential aids and Appliances Vocational activity Help for Vocational
Life Long medical support Children Education Project Programs for Public Awareness