Founder: Late Shri Indubhai Patel (Sayaji Iron)

Our “Dada”
It has been a decade since Vadodara’s well known industrialist Sh. Indubhai Patel left for his heavenly abode. Known lovingly as Dada by the Shram Mandir Family he is fondly remembered even today with tears in the eyes. Amidst the sweet flowing waters of Mahisagar river, amongst lot of green trees where innumerable birds reside, Indudada created a beautiful campus like Nandanvan. This is where the Leprosy affected patients and their children stay Late Sh. Indubhai believed that whatever one has received in life from nature and society should be returned with abundance by taking care of the unhappy people of our society. This is the genesis of the great humanitarian service that people know today as Shram Mandir Trust. After late Sh.Indubhai left us, his humanitarian initiative has been managed and continued by his friends and family members. This is something to feel very proud about.